Youth Center

Our Mission

Our organization’s mission is to provide services of education on safe sex, distribution of hygiene products, food, clothing, and providing support of the LGBTQ+ homeless community. We also focus on providing products that are sustainable, and we do all of these services in a non-discriminatory manner where all people are welcome.

About Pyxis

Pyxis Youth Center is an organization that works to educate homeless youth about safe sex for all sexual orientations, distribute sustainable hygiene products, clothing, and nonperishable goods, and especially support the homeless LGBTQ+ youth community. While Pyxis is not a homeless shelter, it’s rather a distribution and education center that specializes in the needs of struggling youth.

Based in Lansing, MI, a city containing nearly 5,000 homeless people where 27% are under the age of 18 according to a 2015 study conducted by the Greater Lansing Homeless Resolution Network. Pyxis aims to fulfill the needs of these teens and children at a deeper level than more generalized community youth centers or shelters can achieve since we employ LGBTQ-identified and informed counselors and teachers to lead our educational workshops and provide other specialized services.

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Our Name

The constellation pyxis represents the compass. For centuries, people have turned to the stars in times of distress and worry, and we hope Pyxis Youth Center is able to be the guidance and consolation that struggling LGBTQ+ youth need at this time.